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Kitchen + vegetable plots

Growing your own food has really taken off in the last few years with many households looking to incorporate a vegetable plot into their gardens. They do need to be in a sunny spot, which can conflict with other uses, but with thoughtful design a vegetable garden need not be unattractive. There a several methods of cultivation which, depending on time available for gardening, will suit different clients. Raised beds are very popular as the no dig method can be easily applied, but more traditional ground level beds can work  well and be  incorporated into the existing gardens planting scheme, should you wish.

Cut flowers and annuals can make use of between crop spaces and over wintering salads and vegetables means the soil is not bare during the dormant months. Placing the plot near other perennial plantings can enhance pollination and increase beneficial wildlife, so it is not necessary to grow vegetables in a separate garden, unless you need to keep out rabbits!