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Garden Design

Designing a garden can mean re-landscaping the entire plot or simply re-planting and shaping  borders. Whatever your garden dreams , I can help you bring them to life. It does not matter how derelict the garden or daunting the project, we can always find a way to create a space that is beautiful and relaxing, helping you to enjoy your garden  and outside environment.

I am happy to design all or part of a garden and can provide plans suitable for keen gardeners or contractors.

1. The design process starts with a free initial consultation, (in Bath ad surrounding area). where ideas for the garden are discussed on site, as well as practical considerations of time scales and budgets.

2.If you are happy to go ahead with a design, then a site survey will be carried out. I will provide a survey for small and simple gardens, but for more complex sites a surveyor might be called upon to give expert advice. I will spend time with you , getting to know your preferences and asking questions about your lifestyle and how you would like to use your garden.

3.Draft conceptual plans will then be produced. I use a combination of CAD and hand drawing techniques to provide clear artistic plans and 3D visuals.

4. Further discussion will follow about the layout, materials and planting until a final plan is created.

5. The project will then be handed over to the builder/landscaper: either recommended by me, a company of your choice or it can go out to tender. I am happy to oversee the work on a consultancy basis if required and have built up good relations with several local landscapers.

6. The planting plans tend to be finalised as the project is constructed, so that site conditions are fully considered. I usually carry out the planting. I buy from local nurseries and also specialist traders if required.

7. The long term care of your garden will then be planned through maintenance visits or practical advice with individual gardening lessons if needed. I provide both and can help you through the first year and beyond if you wish, so that you can relax in the garden of your dreams….

I am very happy to work with you in your garden. I often garden with clients to help them build up good plant knowledge and gardening skills, advising customers on how to carry out their own projects, garden maintenance and planting.

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