Plants are the most important element to a garden. They control our emotional response to a space  by stimulating the senses and capturing atmospheres. Whether  you are looking for a cool pastel palette or a fiery hot mix of colours, plants offer every feature imaginable  and can be combined to create inspired and individual design.

Wild and billowing Country Gardens and Cottage Gardens , full of Digitalis (foxglove), Lupins, Scabious, Stachys (lambs ears) and Nepeta , including prairie style or meadow planting.

Attractive  family gardens, using a combination of cottage garden flowers and evergreen and flowing shrubs Traditional Gardens

Clipped and controlled smart  Formal Gardens  and Parterre  using Buxus (box) balls, Pittosporum, Grisselinium and other reliable evergreen shrubs, with a splash of Lavender.

Colour themed gardens, choosing a limited  palette such as white Peony, Campanula and Tulips, with burgundy  Sambucus nigra, (black elder) Heuchera and Photinia (and of course green) hornbeam hedge as a back drop, to create a striking entrance, shown in Georgian Gardens

Vegetable and Wildlife Gardens need not be unattractive and can be incorporated into any schemes. Mixing edibles with ornamental plants can give and authentic kitchen garden look.

I have excellent plant knowledge and a lot of experience maintaining and managing gardens. I can guide you through the process to create an attractive and thriving garden. Even a low maintenance project can look as good as any glorious garden you may have visited. It is just about soil preparation, choosing the right plants and knowing when to intervene with weeding, pruning and plant support! See Gardening Advice and Workshops